Digital Dentistry Curriculum Access

Thank you for your interest in the Digital Dentistry Curriculum. If you represent a dental school, we invite you to request access to the curriculum.

Please submit your contact information below. You will receive an email with directions for access.



The ACP and ACPEF are excited to share access to the Digital Dentistry Curriculum for use in your dental school. The curriculum and resources were developed around competencies, well-defined learning objectives, and an assessment plan with measurable outcomes. Supplemental content from leading peer institutions is being shared to further support the curriculum implementation.

The summary of the content topics includes:

  • Learning Objectives and Competencies – Providing flexible guidance for establishing institutional specific goals
  • Curriculum Framework – Providing guidance for the integration of the digital curriculum into the educational environment, including strategies for implementation, detailed course frameworks, curriculum content that shares the foundational knowledge, as well as clinical applications and workflows
  • Implementation of the digital curriculum and resources, including business planning, communications, clinical and operational models, information technology challenges and solutions, resource development, and faculty training strategies
  • Post-Graduate/Advanced Prosthodontics – Providing guidance in implementing advanced digital strategies for learning and patient care
  • Applying Science in Digital Dentistry

This preview demonstrates the breadth and depth of the curriculum framework, which is supplemented by an extensive library of additional content, learning materials, and support for the implementation process.

You may also enjoy this infographic, which provides a visual representation of the scope of the curriculum and its significance, including the graduating dentists and specialists who will have access to this transformational education.

We encourage you to access the curriculum and then engage with your school leadership as we work together to expand digital dentistry within the prosthodontic community and beyond.

The Digital Dentistry Curriculum Initiative would not have been possible without the tremendous efforts of the Curriculum Task Force and team, pilot school mentors and leadership, and an unrestricted educational grant provided by Henry Schein.