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Gifts to the Partnership Initiative allow our leadership to invest in strategic efforts to advance prosthodontics. Collectively, the focused grant funding created by the Foundation assists in underwriting initiatives within our specialty. Important multi-year projects can be executed through the College with these ACPEF resources that ultimately increase the value of professional benefits for all prosthodontists.

The ACP and ACP Education Foundation are aligned to expand education, research, and growth opportunities in prosthodontics. Your gift is a statement of your personal commitment and resolve for insuring our specialty is vibrant. Together, we are making a difference through investment in strategic, long-term, focused efforts.

Thank You to Our Individual Supporters

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Hear from Our Corporate Supporters

BrianAllen"Henry Schein is proud to partner with the ACPEF and the ACP in its development of the forthcoming digital dental curriculum. Today's digital solutions are helping practitioners enhance the patient experience, deliver consistent quality care, and operate their practices and laboratories effectively and efficiently. Together with our valued supplier partners, Henry Schein is pleased to support an initiative that helps accelerate the adoption of digital dentistry by providing the coming generation of dental professionals with the training, experience, and confidence to deliver all of the benefits that digital technology has to offer."

-- Brian Allen, Vice President, Prosthetic Solutions, Henry Schein, North America

Tysowsky"We at Ivoclar Vivadent value our relationship with the American College of Prosthodontists and the ACP Education Foundation. Both organizations represent a significant role in dentistry through the development of future leaders and educators within our profession. The ACP membership contributes to our growth with collaboration on research and education relative to the introduction of new technologies into the dental field. This relationship allows for mutual support for the benefit of better dentistry."

-- Dr. George W. Tysowsky, Senior Vice President-Technology & Professional Relations, Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

Voskuil_Dentsply"At the core of who we are as a company, our belief is that education, science, and innovation are critical for enhanced treatment outcomes and patient experience. We are passionate about the commitment to improved oral health and strongly believe that our vision is very well aligned to the mission of ACPEF. We are proud to support ACPEF in their ongoing efforts to improve quality of life through education and research.Through these partnerships, and with the recent merger of DENTSPLY International and Sirona Dental Systems, we look forward to even greater opportunities to drive better, safer, and faster dentistry as Dentsply Sirona Implants."

-- John Voskuil, VP and General Manager, Dentsply Sirona, North America


"Nobel Biocare is proud to be a long standing Premier level supporter of the American College of Prosthodontists and the ACP Education Foundation. We look forward to continued collaboration in the advancement of digital dentistry through the development of streamlined workflows to benefit the entire treatment team. We share a common commitment to education in evidence-based protocols for enhanced patient outcomes and believe this education is fundamental in the success and growth of prosthodontics."

-- Tom Olsen, President and General Manager, Nobel Biocare

shearer"Colgate is delighted to have supported an unrestricted educational grant for the ACP to develop the critically important Clinical Practice Guidelines. So often excellent research remains in the journal and is difficult for the practicing dental professional to implement. The Clinical Practice Guidelines effectively bridge the gap to ensure patients receive evidence-based care."

-- Dr. Barbara Shearer, Director of Scientific Affairs, Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals

Haverhals"At Straumann, we know that education is fundamental to the success of clinicians and to the well-being of their patients. Straumann invests considerably in evidence-based education - the integration of clinical expertise and the best research evidence for optimal patient care. We are committed to supporting the ACP Education Foundation in their mission to secure and steward resources with the aim of advancing prosthodontics through education, research, and opportunities for growth."

-- Arjan Haverhals, VP, Customer Marketing and Education, Straumann

Gordon,_Mark_Brasseler“Brasseler USA is proud to be a long-standing partner of the American College of Prosthodontists and the ACP Education Foundation. As a leading provider of dental instrumentation, the nature of our profession requires that we allocate significant time and resources in order to constantly foster our internal knowledge and understanding of the most accurate and up-to-date scientific research and clinical findings that, in turn, allow us to provide the most progressive solutions to our customers. As an ally of the ACP Education Foundation, we are contributing to a steady and strong engine of scientific development that consistently improves the quality of our offerings through education, collaboration, and research.”

-- Marc Gordon, Vice President & General Manager, Brasseler USA  


"BioHorizons is a proud, longtime supporter of both the ACP and ACPEF. Both of our organizations have provided a unique opportunity to closely engage with key clinicians who share the goal of growth and development in the market through new, advanced technologies and a commitment to enhanced patient care. We are excited to be one of the original primary supporters for the ACP Digital Dentistry Curriculum, along with Henry Schein and partners. Our support of the ACPEF has been designed to provide a foundation for further advancement in young clinicians' education in dental implants, dental implant prosthetics, and new digital technologies. We look forward to our continued relationship with the College, the Foundation, and all of the members." 

-- R. Steve Boggan, President & CEO, BioHorizons