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ACP Board Announces 2012 Annual Session Refund Process

The American College of Prosthodontists Board of Directors wishes to express our concern for all of our College members and their families who have been severely affected by Hurricane Sandy, and its after effects. The ACP Board of Directors addressed the matter of registration refunds due to Hurricane Sandy and our difficult decision to cancel several sessions on Oct. 31 in the best interests of your safety during a conference call on Monday, Nov. 12.

The Board acted to refund Annual Session registration fees for individuals unable to attend because of Hurricane Sandy, provided documentation is received as outlined below. We ask for your cooperation and understanding as the Board manages the process of refunds.

If you were unable to attend our 42nd Annual Session in Baltimore this year because your travel was affected by Hurricane Sandy, our counsel has requested that the ACP obtain written explanation detailing the reasons why you were unable to attend.

Please provide the information requested below (bold type) by Nov. 30, 2012 (extended to Dec. 21, 2012) by email to acp@prosthodontics.org:

1. If your flight was cancelled, please provide the following:

• The airline you were to fly,
• Your flight number,
Date and time of your flight, and
Confirmation of your cancelled flight from your airline.

2. If your flight was delayed, please provide the length of the delay (i.e. amount of time) resulting in your inability to make your flight.

3. If you were driving or traveling by rail and could not attend because of Hurricane Sandy, please provide the city of your departure and the impact the hurricane had on your travel plans.

4. If there were any other circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from attending the Annual Session, please provide as much detail as possible.

Thank you. The Board of Directors is pleased that so many ACP members were able to attend the 2012 Annual Session despite this unexpected and significant weather situation we all faced. We are appreciative of your commitment to our specialty and your organization. Foremost on our minds is to wish you the best as many must recover following the aftermath of this hurricane.


The ACP Board of Directors


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