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A Technique to Convert a 3D Printed Cast used in the Fabrication of an Interim Implant-Supported Crown


Now online in the Journal of Prosthodontics, a new technique article co-authored by Rawan Moshen BDS, Yu-Jen Chen DDS, and ACP Fellow Fei Liu DDS, MS, PhD, FACP.

Restoring missing teeth in the anterior esthetic zone with an implant-supported prosthesis has become a popular treatment option, but it also presents challenges in achieving an esthetic emergence profile. In addition to ensuring optimal 3D placement of implants, the esthetic success of anterior implant prosthesis depends on the use of an interim implant-supported prosthesis to create a harmonious gingival architecture around the implants. Once the desired soft tissue profile has been achieved, accurate transferring of the soft tissue information from the patient's mouth to the definitive cast becomes a critical step.

Digital approaches have recently been proposed to record the emergence profile. This report describes a new approach to convert the initial cast used in the fabrication of an implant-supported interim crown to a definitive cast that accurately duplicates the peri-implant soft tissue contour.

The technique involves the utilization of a silicone putty positioning index placed in the patient's mouth to accurately duplicate the external contour of teeth and soft tissue. By combining this positioning index with the implant-supported interim crown, the 3D-printed initial cast, which was used to fabricate the interim crown, can be conveniently and efficiently transformed into a definitive master cast.

A unique feature of this technique is the omission of making a new impression and cast. It offers a simplified and efficient approach to creating a definitive cast using the initial cast.

Moshen, R, Chen, YJ, Liu, F. A technique to convert a 3D printed cast used in the fabrication of an interim implant-supported crown into a definitive cast capturing the acquired emergence profile. J Prosthodont. 2023; 1–4. https://doi.org/10.1111/jopr.13760


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