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A Message from 2022 Region 4 Membership Director Dr. Eva Boldridge


"I don’t know about you, but getting my CE the past two years has been a very different experience. With the restrictions involved with in-person meetings due to Covid-19, I have to say I am quite proud to see what the ACP has done to make sure we, the membership, could have access to excellent CE. Not only have they offered CE on varying topics – but it is also available ON DEMAND! I wasn’t able to watch all of the ACP Annual Session during the actual event. Thanks to the having access to the sessions on demand, I have been able to replay the lectures in my downtime. This has proved to be quite convenient. Foreseeing the changing landscape for CE is one of the most noticeable advantages to our membership.

As we start to see more of our membership retiring, it is time for a new group of members to step up, volunteer, and work to ensure that our specialty stays at the forefront of dentistry. As prosthodontists, we are truly a “rare breed,” and we have to make sure we maintain the standards of our specialty for generations to come. Your membership matters. Making sure our specialty stays up to date with the changing landscape of dentistry is essential. The only way to do that is to depend on the insight based off of experience, as well as the foresight of new members.”

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