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2022 NPAW Facts for Social Media


This year the PR  & NPAW Committee chose to focus the NPAW Facts around the theme of broken teeth and what prosthodontists do to treat them. 

We have 7 NPAW Facts images and suggested captions to go with each (one for each day of the week)! You can use one of our suggested captions as a base and add additional information relevant to your experiences or create your own unique captions. 

You can download each image individually or download this image bundle (zip file).



Day 1 (above): This week is National Prosthodontics Awareness Week (NPAW)! A prosthodontist is a dental specialist with several years of advanced training beyond dental school, who focuses on the restoration and replacement of damaged teeth and other oral or facial issues. Follow along this week as we walk you through a few reasons why teeth break and describe some of the options for treatment by a prosthodontist! #NPAW2022 #Prosthodontics



Day 2: Have you ever broken a tooth? There are many different causes of broken teeth that prosthodontists see regularly. One common cause is bruxism - a condition that encompasses the involuntary grinding and clenching of teeth. Oftentimes, it can be related to times of increased stress, and it can occur without you even realizing it’s happening. Without intervention, it wears down the teeth and can cause teeth to chip on the edges or can even be so severe it fractures the tooth down to the root! #NPAW2022 #Prosthodontics



Day 3: Prosthodontists see many different cases of broken teeth. Many times, broken teeth occur as a result of an accident or injury to the face and/or mouth. Sometimes the damage is minimal and other times it requires involved procedures across several specialties of dentistry. A prosthodontist is able to work with a team of dental professionals to ensure you receive the proper care for your dental trauma. #NPAW2022 #Prosthodontics



Day 4: Another common cause for broken teeth is decay or caries. When an area of decay in a tooth gets large enough, it can undermine the existing tooth structure or filling, and break off. Cavities exist even when there’s no pain, so it’s important to visit your dentist regularly for checkups! Prosthodontists in particular are specialists in the replacement of missing tooth structure, so they’re the perfect specialist to see for advanced damage to teeth due to decay. #NPAW2022 #Prosthodontics



Day 5: If you have an experience where you’ve broken a tooth, a prosthodontist may have the solution! If a large part of a tooth is broken or the remaining healthy tooth structure is not sufficient, a restoration such as an inlay, onlay, veneer, or crown may be an appropriate treatment. These restorations are fabricated in a dental laboratory and as prosthodontists, we receive extra training in communication with our laboratory counterparts. #NPAW2022 #Prosthodontics



Day 6: Prosthodontists see a lot of diversity in the cases they treat. Occasionally, the injury to a tooth due to a fracture is so severe that the tooth cannot be restored. In these circumstances, the tooth will need to be extracted. Your prosthodontist may or may not do the surgical components of the treatment for you, but they are the specialists in replacing missing teeth. Options for replacement include an implant, a fixed bridge, or a removable prosthesis like a complete or partial denture. #NPAW2022 #Prosthodontics



Day 7: For all your restorative dental needs, prosthodontists are here to ensure that your smile is healthy, functional and beautiful. If you’ve got a broken tooth and are looking for a fix, a prosthodontist may be your best option! To find one in your area you can visit GoToAPro.org. #NPAW2022 #Prosthodontics


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