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2021 NPAW Facts for Social Media


This year the PR & NPAW Committee chose to convey a focused message featuring different restorations involving implants that benefit from the expertise of a prosthodontist!

We have 7 NPAW Facts images and suggested captions to go with each (one for each day of the week)! You can use one of our suggested captions as a base and add additional information relevant to your experiences or create your own unique captions.

You can download each image individually, or download this image bundle (.zip file).


Day 1 (above): This week, April 18-24, is National Prosthodontics Awareness Week (NPAW)! A prosthodontist is a dental specialist with several years of advanced training beyond dental school, who focuses on the restoration and replacement of missing teeth and other oral or facial issues. Follow along this week as we highlight some different procedures that benefit from the expertise of a prosthodontist! #NPAW2021 #Prosthodontics



Day 2:Prosthodontists are dental specialists who utilize a variety of treatments to replace, restore, and renew your smile! This week we will be highlighting some implant related procedures that can help you smile again. An implant replaces the root of a missing tooth and then has a restoration attached, which is what is visible when you smile. #NPAW2021 #Prosthodontics



Day 3: A prosthodontist may utilize an implant to replace the root of a missing tooth. Implants are most commonly made of a titanium alloy, are screw-shaped, and are surgically placed into the jawbone by a dental professional. What you see of this process is the restoration, or new tooth, attached to the implant! When treatment is finished, dental implant restorations can truly RENEW a patient's smile. #NPAW2021 #Prosthodontics



Day 4: When a patient is missing a single tooth, a prosthodontist may recommend to REPLACE it with a dental implant. Once the implant is placed and the bone has healed, a crown is fabricated to RESTORE the missing tooth. When treated properly, an untrained eye (and sometimes even a trained eye!) wouldn't know that it's an implant and not a natural tooth. #NPAW2021 #Prosthodontics



Day 5: If a patient is missing multiple teeth in one area of the mouth, a prosthodontist may recommend to REPLACE them with an implant bridge. Just like a tooth-borne bridge, the implant bridge RESTORES multiple missing teeth, supported by less implants than the number of teeth that are missing. For example, if a patient is missing 3 teeth, 2 implants can be placed to support a 3-unit bridge where the 3 teeth are attached. #NPAW2021 #Prosthodontics



Day 6: For patients who are missing all of the teeth in one arch, or have a poor prognosis for the remaining teeth, a prosthodontist may recommend a full-arch restoration on implants as a treatment option. As few as 4 implants can be inserted into the jaw to REPLACE some of the missing tooth roots and a bridge can be attached to the implants to RESTORE the missing teeth. This treatment option can RENEW a patient's smile sometimes as quickly as one visit! #NPAW2021 #Prosthodontics



Day 7: Anyone who wears a denture can tell you that a little extra support is always helpful! For these patients, a prosthodontist may recommend placing a few implants on the bottom jaw or on the top jaw to help to stabilize a full denture prosthesis and RESTORE the stability that occurs with natural teeth. A well-made denture can be beautifully crafted to RENEW a patient's smile. #NPAW2021 #Prosthodontics


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