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2018 Final Slate of Nominations

Historic_Seal_Award_smallThe ACP Nominating Committee is pleased to present the final slate of nominations for the College's 2018 ballot. The election will run July 9 - Aug. 1.

Vice President: Dr. Lino P. Calvani and Dr. Mark C. Hutten
Region 2 Membership Director: Dr. Paivi Samant
Region 4 Membership Director: Dr. B. Todd Pickle
Region 5 Membership Director: Dr. Servando Ramos
Region 7 Membership Director: Dr. Caroline Nguyen
ACP Council for the ABP (Private Practice): Dr. Joseph Breitman and Dr. John Murrell

Visit ACP Governance to view the ACP Election FAQs and Election Guidelines. Please contact ACP Sections & Governance Director Nathalie Williams with any questions.

Dated June 6, 2018


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