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Share Open Access Journal Articles to Celebrate NPAW

NPAW_Logo2017As part of National Prosthodontics Awareness Week, select articles from the Journal of Prosthodontics will be available as open access until May 31.

This is your chance to share valuable research and expertise with your referral network, students, colleagues, and patients.

The articles include:

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines for Recall and Maintenance of Patients with Tooth-Borne and Implant-Borne Dental Restorations by Dr. Avinash Bidra et al. Based on the findings of a multi-organization task force, the guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations for the best ways for patients and professionals to take care of their restorations.
  • Glossary of Digital Dental Terms by Dr. Gerald T. Grant et al standardizes the terminology involved in the practice of dentistry using advanced digital technology.
  • Three clinical reports highlighting outstanding patient care provided by prosthodontists, including use of CAD/CAM to improve denture fracture resistance by Drs. Ahmed Afify and Stephan Haney; innovative solutions using zygomatic implants by Dr. Paul Binon; and achieving predictable outcomes with porcelain laminate veneers by Dr. Welson Pimentel et al.

Access the articles for free on the Journal of Prosthodontics Celebrates NPAW website.

Dated March 22, 2017


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