2016 Final Slate of Nominations

The ACP Nominating Committee is pleased to present the final slate of nominations for the College's 2016 ballot. The election will run August 22- September 12. To review the nominees' bios, please select their name below:

Vice President: Dr. Nadim Z. Baba and Dr. Lino P. Calvani

Education and Research Division Director: Dr. Farhad Vahidi and Dr. Alvin G. Wee

Continuing & Professional Education Division Director: Dr. Lars O. Bouma and Dr. Amerian D. Sones

Region 2 Membership Director: Dr. Paivi A. Samant

Region 4 Membership Director: Dr. B. Todd Pickle

Region 5 Membership Director: Dr. Robert E. Stover

Region 7 Membership Director: Dr. Caroline T. Nguyen

ACP Council for the ABP (Past Examiner - 2 positions): Dr. Stephen D. Campbell and Dr. Donald A. Curtis


Please visit ACP Governance to view the ACP Election Guidelines. Please contact ACP Sections & Governance Director, Nathalie Williams if you have any problems accessing the information.

The 2016 Nominating Committee:

  • Dr. Frank J. Tuminelli, Nominating Committee Chair
  • Dr. Susan E. Brackett
  • Dr. Heather Joan Conrad
  • Dr. Caroline A. Grasso
  • Dr. David J. Kopecki
  • Dr. Sundeep R. Rawal
  • Dr. Stephen A. Wagner

Dated July 26, 2016


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