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Submit Your 2022 NPAW Events to the ACP Event Calendar


Do you have an event planned for NPAW 2022 and want to put it on the ACP Website? Submit your NPAW event or activity to be placed on the Event Calendar. We are accepting any complementary virtual or in person event that is open to attendees in celebration of NPAW.

To submit your event, email media@prosthodontics.org with the following information:

  • Event Title
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location (in person or event link)
  • A brief description of the event, including any information about registration if applicable

You may also include a graphic or PDF file that can be attached to the posting. Check out the Event Calendar to see what events may be happening in your area, and the NPAW 2022 page for additional resources that will be updated regularly leading up to NPAW.


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