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ACP Spokespersons Network

In 2012, the ACP and ACPEF adopted a set of New Strategic Directions for 2013-2018. The thrust of these directions was increasing public awareness about the value of prosthodontics and improving patient care and outcomes. Specific objectives for each of the strategic directions also were approved, including identifying and training ACP Spokespersons.

"The best CE training of my adult professional life second only to my residency." -- Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez

2016 ACP Spokespersons Network Class

The ACP Spokespersons Network was launched in 2013 and now has 75 ACP members who are charged to proactively engage consumers, media, and other key stakeholders in educating the public about when to seek the care of a prosthodontist. The goal of ACP Spokespersons Network is to develop private practice prosthodontists in the next three to five years who are mobilized to raise awareness about prosthodontics in their communities. 


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Click here for more photos from their 2015 training. | Click here for more photos from their 2016 training.

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