Journal of Prosthodontics News   March 31, 2020

Digital Workflow for Implant Rehabilitation with Double Full‐Arch Monolithic Zirconia


Now online in the Journal of Prosthodontics, Drs. Papaspyridakos, Chochlidakis, Kang, Chen, Alghfeli, Kudara, and Weber report on a proof-of-concept protocol with a double digital scanning (DDS) technique for a complete digital workflow in double full-arch implant rehabilitation.

Two patients were treated in 4 appointments with a prosthodontic protocol and monolithic zirconia prostheses through a complete digital workflow and were observed for a 2-year period.

The only reported complications were a clicking sound upon function in one patient, which improved over time, and localized peri-implant soft tissue recession around few multi-unit abutments.

The authors conclude that this new DDS technique can simplify full-mouth implant rehabilitation and reduce chairside time and clinical appointments.

Papaspyridakos P, Chochlidakis K, Kang Ket al: Digital Workflow For Implant Rehabilitation With Double Full‐Arch Monolithic Zirconia Prostheses. J Prosthodont 2020. doi:10.1111/jopr.13166


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