Modern Surgical & Prosthetic Reconstruction: A Prosthodontist’s Perspective


Modern Surgical & Prosthetic Reconstruction: A Prosthodontist’s Perspective
Naif G. Sinada, DMD, MS
Fayetteville, AR

In a digital landscape that is evolving quicker than we can download TikTok on our phones, the mere thought of implementing digital dentistry into the everyday practice can seem daunting. This presentation will showcase the utilization of all aspects of digital dentistry in prosthodontics: scanning, designing, milling, and printing as in integral process in treatment planning for surgical and reconstructive procedures. Each of these aspects comes with their own nuances that are imperative to understanding this current evolving landscape. The goal is to understand the benefits of this technology and the impact it has when applied to the integration of both surgery and prosthodontics.

At the conclusion of this session, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the key elements required for the surgical and reconstructive workup of the modern prosthodontic patient.
  • Identify applications where guided dentistry is more beneficial, more efficient, and more predictable than the conventional approach.
  • Recognize cutting-edge technology that may not be commonplace in most prosthodontic practices but may certainly benefit individual practitioners to large extents.

Biography: Dr. Sinada has been an early adopter of digital dentistry and a proponent of applying digital dentistry to various aspects of prosthodontics – from surgical applications to comprehensive prosthodontics treatment and maxillofacial prosthetics. Dr. Sinada continues to publish work and present on the subjects of prosthodontics, implants, and digital workflows.