Creating our Future: Printed Digital Dentures
Wendy Auclair Clark, DDS, MS
University of North Carolina

Friday, Nov. 4
3:30 – 5:00 p.m. CT

*This time block will feature presentations from Dr. Wendy Auclair Clark and Eric D. Kukucka each offering their perspectives on the topic. There will then be a lively discussion after both presentations.*

Digitally fabricated dentures are moving beyond just the early adopters and into mainstream use. New workflows and materials are not only changing the way we teach our students and treat our patients but are changing our entire perception of removable prosthodontics. This presentation will address the current and future role of additive manufacturing (3D Printing) in the landscape of digitally fabricated dentures.

At the conclusion of this session, attendees should be able to:

  • Describe the difference in materials and technology used in additive manufacturing (3D printing) when compared to milling.
  • Communicate with dental laboratory technicians regarding materials for digital dentures.
  • Relate how 3D printing can be incorporated in denture workflows.
Biography: After finishing her residency in Alabama, Dr. Wendy AuClair Clark practiced prosthodontics with Team Atlanta (Goldstein, Garber & Salama) before her current role as full-time prosthodontic faculty member at University of North Carolina. She has been named a "Leader in Continuing Education" by Dentistry Today for the last 5 years, presenting on a range of prosthodontic topics. She has published articles in numerous peer reviewed journals and serves as a key opinion leader for multiple companies.