Evolution of the Teeth in a Day Protocol

Evolution of the Teeth in a Day Protocol
6:15 - 6:45 P.M. CST
Glenn J. Wolfinger, DMD, FACP, Fort Washington, PA
Thomas J. Balshi, DDS, PhD, FACP, Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine

Following this session, the attendee should be able to:

  • Discuss the historical evolution of the Teeth In A Day protocol.
  • Describe the new products and materials that have improved the process.
  • Identify the new techniques that have improved the process.

The Teeth In A Day protocol was developed at Pi Dental Center, Fort Washington, PA in 1993. Over the past 27 years, a number of improvements have been incorporated based on clinical experience and development of new technologies. This presentation will start with a brief historical summary and will highlight the incorporation of new materials and procedures that have improved the speed, accuracy, and predictability of the Teeth In A Day process.

Biography: Dr. Glenn J. Wolfinger is a Board Certified Prosthodontist in private practice. He is a graduate of Tufts Dental School, and did his prosthodontic training at the V.A. Harvard program in Boston, MA. Dr. Wolfinger, along with his former business partner, Dr. Thomas J. Balshi, are the co-developers of the trademarked Teeth In A Day A® protocol.

Biography: Dr. Thomas J. Balshi is a graduate of Villanova University and Temple University Dental School with a specialty in prosthodontics. Dr. Balshi received his surgical and prosthetic implant training from Professor Per Ingvar Branemark, Institute For Applied Biotechnology, at the University of Toronto, Canada in 1984. Dr. Balshi is a Fellow of the ACP and a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics.