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Making a Donation

The ACPEF relies heavily on the generosity of ACP members, grateful patients, and industry to address challenges facing the specialty and to meet emerging opportunities which maximize outcomes for prosthodontists and our patients. To ensure that donors have full confidence in the Foundation, the ACPEF supports the Donor Bill of Rights.

The ACPEF is deeply grateful to those who have provided generous support of the Annual Appeal and Partnership Initiative programs. For questions about donor recognition, please call (312) 573-1260 or email acpef@prosthodontics.org.

To donate to the 2017 Prosthodontic Annual Appeal today: 

Submit_Your_One-Time_Payment_Online   or download the Annual Appeal pledge form.

Strategic Directions

With input from members and stakeholders, the ACP and ACPEF Boards of Directors adopted three strategic directions:

  • To improve patient care and outcomes.
  • To further the specialty of prosthodontics.
  • To better serve ACP members.

These directions focus on:

  • Increasing public awareness about the value of prosthodontics.
  • Developing a practice and evidence-based knowledge network to improve patient outcomes.
  • Engaging other dental professionals and prosthodontic organizations in ways that benefit patients.

Planned Giving

You have dedicated your professional life to improving lives through prosthodontics. Your support of the ACPEF distinguishes you and your leadership in the specialty. The ACPEF relies on the generous support of people like you who take pride in knowing that they have helped provide opportunities that will allow prosthodontists to do what we do best: continually redefine state-of-the-art oral restoration, replacement, and care.

After providing for family and friends, many people like you who give generously to causes they believe in choose to leave an indelible mark on those causes through Planned Giving. Planned gifts to the ACPEF provide a margin of excellence that enhances the ACPEF's ability to address any challenges facing our specialty and to meet emerging issues and opportunities fully prepared.

The ACPEF is pleased to offer a Planned Giving Program that allows you to ensure your legacy in prosthodontics. Planned gifts are within almost anyone's reach and will help secure the future of the profession that has been a defining aspect of your life. The program has several benefits to consider:

  • You will likely be able to make a much larger investment in your specialty than you imagined.
  • You can experience the pride and satisfaction that comes with providing a major gift to a cause you support.
  • The Foundation can plan well into the future to support the programs and projects that propel the specialty forward.
  • You may receive numerous tax benefits, including charitable deductions, lowered estate taxes, and preferential treatment of capital gains tax.
  • A commitment in the Planned Giving Program provides a legacy to both the ACPEF and to you, the patron.
  • In recognition of this dedication, the Foundation has formed the Legacy Circle.
  • As a members of The Legacy Circle, you will be recognized by peers as well as future generations as the most devoted supporters of the cause.

If you would like to speak with someone about the program, please contact the ACPEF at 312-573-1260.