Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Joint Educators Conference

Board Preparation Course (Separate Registration)

Digital Cirriculum Users Group

Media Course Training (Separate Registration)

Hands on Session (Separate Registration)

Private Practice of Prosthodontics in 2020 Details

  • Private Practice Experience with an In-House Dental Laboratory Details
  • The Journey to Developing a Thriving Multidisciplinary Practice Details
  • Trends and Topics in Dental Malpractice Litigation Details
  • How New Technology Can Enhance Your Practice Details
  • Traditional Private Practice & the DSO Practice: Are They Really That Different? Details

Panel Discussion with Q & A

Welcome Reception (Ticketed Event)

Thursday, November 5, 2020


Exhibit Hall

General Sessions Opening Remarks

Evolutions and Revolutions in Dental Esthetics Details

  • Reconsidering Beauty Details
  • Esthetic Implant Complications: Key’s to Avoiding and Achieving Consistent Outcomes Details
  • Impact of Digital Technologies on the Esthetics Details
  • Porcelain Veneers: Preparation, Fabrication, Adhesion Details
  • Esthetic and Functional Challenges in Prosthetic Rehabilitation Details
  • The Evolution of CAD/CAM Ceramics in Esthetic Dentistry Details

Resident and Dental Student Digital Poster Session

Mentoring Center (By appointment)

Journal editors Meeting (Invitation Only)

Evolutions and Revolutions in Management of Dental Occlusion Details

  • Assessing Concepts of Occlusion Details
  • Occlusion Confusion: The Multiple (Inter)Faces of Occlusion Details
  • Let’s Simplify Occlusion in Prosthodontics-How Our Concepts Have Evolved Details
  • The Evolution of Implant Occlusion Details

ACPEF Donor Recognition Reception

Friday, November 6, 2020


Exhibit Hall

Evolutions and Revolutions in Subcrestal Prosthodontics Details

  • Robotic-Assisted Dental Implant Surgery: A Team Approach to Incorporating Yomi into Clinical Practice Details
  • Evolution in the Teeth In A Day Protocol Details
  • Implant site Augmentation Using GBR and Soft Tissue Grafts for Consistent Esthetics Results and Long-Term Health Details
  • Marginal Bone Loss a Condition, Not a Disease Details
  • Sinus Grafts 30 Years: Myths and Realities Details
  • Mechanical vs. Biologic Implant Stability: Fundamentals for Achieving Initial Stability Details

John J. Sharry Research Competition

Mentoring Center (By appointment)

2021 Annual Session Preview

Resident and Dental Student Digital Poster Session

Focus Group

Peer Review: Promoting Your Research

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Datashock: Artificial Intelligence, Connectedness, and Readying for the Big Data Future Details

Evolutions and Revolutions in Dental Ceramics and Dental Technologies Details

  • The Final Touch Details
  • The Monolithic Conversion Prosthesis for Guided or Navigated Implant Placement Details
  • Virtual Treatment Planning – New Software Features & Production Technologies Approach the Market Details
  • Digital Technologies: The CAE/CAD/CAM Evolution in Dentistry Details

Resident & New Prosthodontist Reception (All are welcome)

Annual Awards & Presidents Dinner (Ticketed Event)

Saturday, November 7, 2020


Town Hall Breakfast (All are encouraged and welcome to attend)

Corporate Symposium #1 Details

Corporate Symposium #2 Details

Corporate Symposium #3 Details

Prosthodontic Forum (Invitation Only)

Hands on Workshop (Ticketed Event)